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- Customs: contesting clearances for import products; discrepancies on the applied duties; appealing Customs Health Authorities (PIF) resolutions.


- Administrative Sanctioning Proceedings instituted by Port Authorities (Port State Controls), Customs Department…etc.


- Claims against the administration.


- Ports: Administrative law related to concessions/authorizations.


- Registration of ships: both in the ordinary Registry of Spain or in the Special Registry of the Canary Islands.



In particular, MUÑOZ & MONTAÑÉS also deals with pollution cases and damages to the environment caused by marine casualties, and subsequent Administrative Sanctioning Proceedings instituted by competent Authorities.


In order to comply with the restate of the public domain, we provide assistance contracting and following up the operations, and coordinating them with relevant Authorities.


In particular, MUÑOZ & MONTAÑÉS has assisted in several marine casualties occurred in Spanish waters during the last few years. Special mention to incidents in the Algeciras Bay, including disputes related to accidents in the Spanish and Gibraltarian waters.


Opinions to owners, agents, stevedores, etc. on Administrative Spanish laws on the subject, focusing on port regulations that may affect their activities (i.e. Port State Control rules regarding foreign vessels calling at Spanish Ports).


Specific approach to events / incidents related to the carriage of dangerous / noxious goods and their potential adverse effects, bearing in mind IMGD Code regulations.




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