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Our team has expertise in Spanish shipping law, road and air transport regulations:



- Cargo damage claims.


- Charter-parties: their construction and interpretation in the light of Spanish Law. Disputes between owner, charterer and cargo interests.


- Towage and salvage services and contracts, and the disputes arising out of.


- Accidents of navigation: Collisions / allisions, groundings, salvage, general average, pollution. Coordination with local authorities of such emergencies. Limitation fund.


- Ship arrest proceedings.


- Cruises: passenger ticket contracts, claims for personal injury and loss or damage to luggage or personal belongings. Crew recruitment and contract.


- Abandoned and counterfeit cargo: our intervention is focused on minimizing expenses (i.e. getting authorization to empty the container and have it released, destroying illegal merchandise). Claim for damages against the right-holder (brand), shipper/consignee, etc. Disputes on storages and demurrages expenses due to long standings. Deposit and sale of abandoned goods before Public Notaries.


- Shipbuilding and repair contracts of ships: with its financial related issues (loans, mortgages, collateral securities, etc)


- Labor Law governing crew’s enrolment and related disputes.


- Terminals and logistics centers.


- Yachting: drafting sales and distribution contracts. Mooring. Advising shipyards and distributors.



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