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- International trade: drafting contracts, preventive advice on sales and distribution agreements. International Conventions. Legal opinion on the most suitable Incoterm for each operation depending on: type of product and mean of transport. Claims between supplier/buyer for the non-fulfillment of the contract (i.e. disputes connected with the quality / specification of the products, shortage, or damaged goods). Cancellation of contracts.


- Financing and international ways of payment: Letters of credits -irrevocable, revolving, confirmed-, export loans.


- Consideration of the most appropriate contract of carriage related to relevant Incoterm, focusing on transmission of risks, insurance policy and adequacy of the mean of transport to the characteristics of the goods.


- International business: joint ventures, agency and distribution contracts. How best to draft them to match with domestic and EU laws; problems arising out of their cancellation (indemnity/damages), etc. Governing law and jurisdiction/arbitration/mediation provisions.


- Corporate Law: incorporate a company, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions. Drafting of by-laws, shareholders’ agreements, registration. Secretary of board of directors.




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