Internal guidance issued by the GDMM on the Sulphur CAP

Internal guidance issued by the GDMM on the Sulphur CAP

In order to encourage compliance with the new limit of 0.50% for sulphur content in fuel used while sailing and 0.10% in Spanish Ports, the General Directorate of Merchant Marine (GDMM) has issued an internal guidance addressed to Harbour Masters and PSC Inspectors. Its most remarkable implementations are hereby summarized.

Remarkable implementations:

– The limit of 0.10% does not apply in the Canary Islands, therefore the limit for vessels anchored or berthed in Canary Islands ports will be of 0.50%.

– Priority criteria are established for the selection of vessels to be inspected, according to the information gathered in the THETHIS-EU program, which are:

  • Complaints by crew members.
  • Alerts for evidence of non-compliance of the sulphur cap in the past 24 months or for the results of previous samplings.
  • Warnings issued by another Member State.
  • Vessels with emission control systems (scrubbers).
  • Vessels that have not been previously inspected or not inspected in the last year.
  • Vessels flying the flag of a state not party to the MARPOL Convention or a state included in the MOU blacklist.

– Sampling inspections will be extended from the current annual 20% of the vessels inspected to a 30%. In numbers, in 2020, it is estimated a total of 325 controls of that type.

– Documentary controls will be carried out on fuel delivery notes to ensure that HFO has not been taken.

– In vessels with approved emission control systems (scrubbers), inspectors shall verify that the system is approved, operational and functioning properly.

An important fact to bear in mind is that from the next March 1st 2020, it will be prohibited to transport HFO on board.

Also, further amendments to Annex VI of MARPOL Convention are pending approval, which will make the installation of fuel oil sampling taps mandatory from 2021.

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