Yacht charter bureaucracy in Spain is reduced and clarified

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Yacht charter bureaucracy in Spain is reduced and clarified

On July 8th 2019 the General Directorate of Merchant Marine (DGMM) issued an Internal Instruction No. 10/2019 on “nautical charter. This is a major step forward in modernizing and simplifying the bureaucracy in the yacht charter business in Spain.

Most remarkable developments can be summarized as follows:

– Authorities will not request documents which are already in their possession.

– Original documents or sworn translations will not be required (private translations will be valid).

– Clearance for chartered pleasure boats (less than 24 meters length) is unified and simplified, distinguishing between Spanish flag boats, or not, and with or without professional skipper/crew on board.

– A “Megayacht Database” (BDMY) is created to speed up clearance of chartered yachts (over 24 meters length) in Spanish waters.

– It clarifies and extends the duration of the clearance for chartered yacht / pleasure boats in each case.

No doubt this new regulation will give a further impulse to the charter business in Spain, by reducing its bureaucracy. Many thanks to the Spanish Yachting Association (ANEN) for their tireless work!

The above-mentioned instruction should be added to an informative release issued on October ‘18 by the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency) about the entry and exit of yachts from the Customs Territory of the European Union. The AEAT’s release clarifies that a yacht entering or leaving Spanish territorial waters no longer needs to file a declaration with Spanish Customs when certain requirements are met.

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